About company

The company TDM Engineering Oy was founded in 1990.  The owner and founder Mr. Jukka Ahonen is basically born in the Hollow core industry, as his father was the chief engineer of the research and development team working on the first-ever design of an Extruder for hollow core production in Finland, the patent for which was published in Germany in 1987 and in Russia in 1994.

Since then many thing have happened and many things have developed.  TDM Engineering Oy has been working with several companies in developing different type of machines, such as Crosslink Finland, X-Tec and also Concore. During this time their name spread out for building an extremely high durable sawing machine and also for revolutionary development in extruder.

Now TDM Engineering Oy is working independently having their own subsidiaries in Germany and Russia. The German company will focus on marketing and sale for the whole company, especially central Europe and Middle East.